Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is GRINCH up to this year?

2010 seems to be the year when "green" moves to the forefront of our social consciousness. I have received more emails about GRINCH in the last couple weeks than in all of 2009! Suddenly our group has doubled in size, still small but with growing enthusiasm and optimism. Many hands make light work and so with the addition of new members and their unique talents we are excited to begin a new year with lots to do.
GRINCH's main focus over the past year has been on recycling and that will continue this year as we attempt to transform the Jenks School playground into a student-involved recycling pilot program, adding recycling containers based on student assessments.
In the spring, GRINCH will be hosting a green corridor of the Garden Festival. We are in the process of vetting 30 potential vendors which will be situated on West Highland Ave.
Our primary goal since our inception has been to have pedestrian recycling on Germantown Ave. We are hoping that with cooperation from the CHCA and the CHBA that this will be a reality this year.
Following the success of both the Weird Waste Day in November and the Christmas tree recycling/mulching just this past week, GRINCH will be making these annual events. Our next Weird Waste Day is tentatively scheduled for April 10th to kick off Earth Day/Week/Month/Always.
So there's lots to do and if you would like to help with any or all of these efforts, we welcome you! Drop me an email at to find out the location of our weekly meetings on Fridays at 10am.

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