Tuesday, January 5, 2010

GRINCH year in review

GRINCH GreenINChestnutHill has been a group of tree hugging do-gooders for about a year now. And we are always looking for foot soldiers to help further our mission. So when Professor Fleming of Philadelphia University sent us one of his brightest grad students, we gleefully welcomed her to our weekly meetings.
She wanted to know what we were all about. We explained how we morphed from the Chestnut Hill Business Assoc. Green Committee to GRINCH, represented by business people and Chestnut Hill residents. The mission statement of GRINCH is to raise awareness of environmental issues with outreach programs and green initiatives as outlined on our Blog, GreenInChestnutHill.blogspot.com.
As we began to chronicle our achievements of the past year I realized we could generate a top 10 list. I always wanted to do a top 10 list! Starting with the most recent and looking back as 2009 comes to a close.....
#1 -Grinch, in partnership with the Mt Airy Business Association, will host a tree chipping event Sunday Jan. 11th from 10am-4pm. Bring your 2009 Christmas tree to Allen's Lane Art Center and we will turn it into mulch! No landfill!
#2 -With help from the Jenk's Home and School Assoc., Grinch organized a Weird Waste Day in November. Nearly 10,000 pounds of potentially hazardous Electronic-waste was collected for responsible recycling and reusing.
#3 -Members of Grinch toured the E-force Compliance facility to ensure that that the E-waste collection is dismantled by a responsible operation. (see Blog for report on our field trip)
#4 -Grinch organized two interactive recycling assemblies at the Jenks School for grades K-8 during America Recycles week. The kids loved it!
#5 -Grinch organized student recycling ambassadors for the Fall for the Arts Fest with sponsorship from many of Chestnut Hill's environmentally conscious businesses. Students schooled festival goers on Philadelphia's single stream recycling while collecting plastics, glass and aluminum.
#6 -Grinch organized a composting demo for businesses and residents held at Laurel Hill Gardens and hosted by PhillyCompost.com.
#7 -Kim Miller, President of the Mt Airy Business Assoc., and Grinch organized a trash and recycling seminar with panelists Maurice Sampson of Niche Recycling and City of Philadelphia Recycling Department.
#8 -Kim Miller, President of the Mt Airy Business Assoc., and Grinch organized an Intro to Sustainability seminar at Flying Fish led by Professor Rob Fleming.
#9 -Grinch organized a block of Green Vendors for the Garden Fest with signage sponsored by Valley Green Bank. Our student recycling ambassadors patrolled the fest, collecting recycling, as well.
#10 -Grinch created a blog for informative environmental info in your neighborhood and city. Become a follower!
And much more is planned for the New Year. From all of us at Grinch, happy holidays!

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