Friday, May 22, 2009

Plant Walk with Tracker Dan and Maia Toll


Plant Walk with Maia and Dan

  The Wissahickon Environmental Center
The Tree House   
Saturday, June 6 

The Tree House Open House
 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Come and explore the Tree House
and enjoy a hike in the surrounding Andorra Natural Area. 

Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk   
Saturday, June 6
9:00 am - 11:00 am
Discover the plants around the Andorra Natural Area 
that can be used for food and medicine. Join tracker 
and survival trainer, Dan Stanchfield, and medicinal
herbalist, Maia Toll, 
on this enlightening stroll through the woods. 
The walk will be gently
paced so that all adults may attend. 
Adults Only ~ Cost $5
Pre-registration is required. To sign up for a program, 
please reply by email or phone and include your name, 
phone number and how many will attend.


In case of inclement weather or 
if you signed up for a program
and need to cancel, please give
 us a call.

Wissahickon Environmental Center - 
The Tree House
300 Northwestern Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118
photo credit: Greg Fewer
Wissahickon Environmental Center | 
300 Northwestern Avenue | Philadelphia | PA | 19118

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just say no to plastic shopping bags!

Philadelphia may soon be joining the growing number of cities enacting plastic bag fees to reduce plastic bag use, protect the environment and reduce litter.

On May 1, City Council held a hearing on legislation Councilman Frank DiCicco introduced to reduce waste in Philadelphia by mandating a $.25 fee on plastic shopping bags. The legislation successfully moved out of committee, and will be coming up for a full Council vote soon!

Let Council know you support this legislation by sending them an email.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Recycling ambassadors rock the festival

Thank you to our student recycling ambassadors who collected 2-6o gallon containers of recyclables at yesterdays Garden Festival in Chestnut Hill.
That is a lot of cans, bottles and plastic that will never see a landfill!
Student volunteers represented area schools such as Jenks, Germantown Academy, Springside, and Abington Friends.
We hope that these environmentally concerned youngsters become festival fixtures!

We have arrived

Check out the Green issue of Arrive magazine's March/April issue. Amy is interviewed in an article about being an environmentally conscious business owner. Arrive magazine is available on Amtrak trains on the Northeast corridor.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Can We Feed Philadelphia

How Can We Feed Philadelphia?
May 21
Academy of Natural Sciences, Urban Sustainability Forum

Friday, May 15, 2009

Growing for the Urban Farmer

Growing the Grange
Friday, May 22
$10 partial day
$15 full day (lunch included)
Scholarships available

A skill-building, hands-on workshops for the regional farming community. Expert practitioners will lead the sessions: you can attend as many or as few sessions as you like.
Workshops offered include:
- Seed saving with George Devault of Seed Saver's Exchange
- Hoop house construction with Bill Lamont, Penn State Horticulture
- Small space farming with Dave Zelov, Weavers Way Farmer
- Business planning
- and more
Register early to guarantee your space:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morris Arboretum

Check out all the natural beauty going on at Chestnut Hill's Morris Arboretum

So much has been going on today, the last day of Patrick Dougherty's residency at the Morris Arboretum. First thing's first - here is the finished sculpture, officially titled "The Summer Palace".

This sculpture is made entirely of natural materials! No nails or other hardware-just Mother Nature's sticks and twigs. It will remain standing till Mother Nature takes it down.

And plan to do some tree climbing this summer....

Opening on July 4th at the Morris Arboretum is a dramatic new exhibit called Tree Adventure, which explores the relationship between plants and people with its central theme, we need trees, and trees need us. Armed with a Passport to Adventure, visitors will travel the expanse of the Arboretum’s 92-acre garden to learn the critical role trees play in our environment while having fun engaging with trees. Designed by Metcalfe Architecture & Design, the exhibit will be a fully accessible, fascinating learning experience for both children and adults.

A Passport to Adventure will guide visitors to stations throughout the Morris Arboretum with interactive activities at each Passport location. The most iconic station is Out on a Limb, a 275-foot long Canopy Walk 40 feet above ground level where visitors will get a bird’s eye view of the forest. From the canopy walk, they’ll cross the swaying Suspension Bridge to the Bird’s Nest, scamper onto the Squirrel Scramble’s rope-netting skirting two towering trees, head to the top of the Wissahickon Vista platform for sweeping views and wander along the raised platform of the canopy walk.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Recycle your electronics!!

There is a comprehensive recycling event scheduled for both days of the upcoming weekend in Chestnut Hill. They will take a wide range of items, and assure that all items will be handled responsibly.

Joy Bergey


DATE: Saturday & Sunday, May 9 & 10 (rain or shine)

TIME: 12 noon ­ 3pm

PLACE: Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting

100 E. Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19118

COST: $1.00 per pound (ethical recycling fee)

May be tax deductible.

Cash or checks only, please.

Net proceeds from this event will benefit peace and social justice

projects of the Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting.

CONTACT: yostevik@yahoo. com or 215.242.4419

Nothing we collect will be tipped into landfills, incinerated as solid waste, or dumped in developing countries!


Televisions, Computers, Monitors, Keyboards, Drives, Cables, Cords, Peripherals, Fax Machines, Scanners, Laptops, Stereo Equipment, Speakers, CD & DVD Players, Telephones, Remote Controls, VCR's, Projectors, Digital Cameras, PDAs, Speakers, Radios, Answering Machines, Camcorders, Electric Typewriters, Video Game Systems, Pagers, Microwaves, Toasters, USB Media, Magnetic Media,Zip Disks, Audio Tapes, Floppy Diskettes, Ink Cartridges, etc.

This event is part of Christopher Swain¹s TOXTOUR, an environmental education campaign designed to improve the health of our oceans and our world. For more information on the TOXTOUR, visit www.toxtour. org.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Resources for Businesses

These are resources for small businesses for FREE ENERGY AUDITS and grants etc:|

Thanks to Matt Colip and Mike Giuranna from the EPA and Lee Meinicke from
for their presentations at our Green Team seminar last night!