Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Details about Philly RecycleBank plans

You can find out more about the specifics of the new, and ultimately citywide, recycling program, and when it will be coming to your neighborhood. You can set up an account now even if your actual service won't begin for several months.

This link to the program's homepage is a good place to start. At least for the moment, RecycleBank is offering to automatically give you 100 points (I have no idea how much that's worth) when you open an account. I just went through the registration process, and as long as your address is in it's database, it seems pretty straightforward; and there were indeed 100 points in my account when I logged in. It seems smart to me to make a big publicity effort now, and to make it easy for people to get engaged early on in the process even if the direct benefits haven't yet started in your particular neighborhood. It will be wonderful if this program really works and makes a real difference in our behavior and significantly reduces the amount of trash currently going into landfills.

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