Thursday, December 10, 2009

GRINCH tours Eforce Compliance

Grinch tours Eforce to see where all that ewaste goes.
Eforce is located in S. Philadelphia on 3114 Grays Ferry Ave. They've been there for years, fixing up old electronic items and selling them in their retail location called Selectronics. But they've branched out and now they handle the dismantling and recycling of most electronic items, such as computers, televisions, healthcare equipment and many others that can be found on their website at Personally, I felt really good after our tour that all the ewaste we collected on our Weird Waste Day went to one of the only environmentally responsible e-waste recyclers in Philadelphia. Many of the other recyclers ship it out overseas to developing countries that do not have the environmental regulations that we have here, leading to public health hazards and toxic dumps that will be polluting their land for centuries. As Charlie said, "If they got overseas containers outside their facility, they are shipping the waste overseas." Another way to know if your waste is being handled environmentally is that if you're not paying to have it recycled, it's most probably not being recycled properly. It costs money to do it right.
Thanks to Charlie Nygard, Managing Director, for our very informative tour!

These are one of the component parts of CPU's. They are hand dismantled and sorted into large boxes and then sent to be recycled.

All this wiring will have the copper and other metals taken out of it for reuse. It takes one of Eforce's workers 7 to 10 minutes to take apart one CPU and sort the parts.

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