Friday, April 3, 2009

Let's Talk More Trash

Mark your calendar--our next seminar will be Thursday April 30th from 6-8pm with speakers Matt Colip and Mike Giuranna of the EPA. Matt is an expert on water conservation and Mike will speak about composting. Want to know how to divert garbage from the trash can? Mike's your man! And also presenting Lee Meinicke, co-founder with Meenal Raval of Philly Compost, Inc. They will provide a local composting service for restaurants and small grocers in NW Philadelphia. Philly Compost will turn food and yard waste into compost for use by local gardeners and farmers. They are seeking customers for the service and a location to house our system.

Location TBD.

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  1. The location is now determined...It will be at the Lutheran Seminary across from WaWa on Germantown Ave. Enter from the Germantown Ave. entrance and make your way to Hagan Hall. Make a right as you enter the building into the conference room.