Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

While the history of Earth Day is about the protest of environmental atrocities, I believe we're a kinder, gentler more euphemistic society. Now we plant trees and clean up spoiled areas with the spirit of mother love. I do enjoy a rousing protest but I admit that I like the idea of cleaning your own corner of the globe with a "can do" attitude and a "pat yourself on the back" sense of accomplishment.
As someone said to me recently, and you know who you are, "I live earth day everyday so doing something for April 22nd is a non-issue". And so probably do most of us reading these kinds of blogs. Earth Day to me is a lot like St. Patty's Day, at least back when I was childless, in that I leave the drinking on holidays to the non-professionals. It's strictly amateur day. So it goes with Earth Day, I sit back and relax knowing that the part timers are picking up the slack for the day. So for those of us that live and breathe environmentalism and sustainability, go have a beer.

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