Sunday, May 6, 2012

FreeCycle Super Success!

We will post plenty of pictures of Eco Alley and the FreeCycle at today's Garden Fest in Chestnut Hill but I wanted to waste no time in thanking everyone! 
Thank you to all of the citizens who donated books, dvd's and cd's. We estimate 1,500-2,000 pieces were brought to Valley Green Bank over the past 3 days-- WOW!
Thank you to Valley Green Bank for allowing their Chestnut Hill branch to be a FreeCycle drop off point for 3 days!! (and Nick for helping haul them onto Eco Alley)
Thank you to all of the excited festival goes who rummaged through boxes and boxes of FREE books and left with nearly everything!
Our first foray into FreeCycling proved such a huge success we plan to do a "full on" FreeCycle event very soon, independent of festivals.
Keep checking back for details!

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