Monday, October 17, 2011

Weird Waste Day
Saturday, November 12, 1-4pm
Clean out for the Holidays!
Empty out your basement and garage of all those old electronic items you didn’t know what to do with. Bring your cpu’s, tv’s, printers, faxes, cell phones etc, on Nov. 12 and all will be responsibly reused or dismantled instead of being thrown in a landfill. This event is being organized by Green in Chestnut Hill (GRINCH).

What: Responsible Electronic Waste Recycling
When: Saturday November 12, 2011
Where: Parking Lot beside Valley Green Bank, 23 W. Highland Ave. Chestnut Hill, PA*
Time: 1 pm-4 pm Suggested donation: $5 to $20 (all proceeds benefit
GRinCH and are fully tax deductible)

List of accepted items:
Desktop Computing
desktops mini-towers laptops and handhelds notebooks tablets hard drives
laserjets deskjets thermal dot matrix line printers plotters paper trays
keyboards mice power supplies cables speakers external drives, etc.
CRTs LCDs WYSE terminals, etc.
Office Equipment
copiers scanners fax machines typewriters
Audio/Video Equipment
tv's and displays vcr/dvd players projectors video and audio conferencing systems smart/electronic white boards
Mobile Devices
cellular phones, Blackberry/PDAs, pagers
Telecom Equipment
telephones switches PBX voice mail and VoIP systems voice stations
Storage Equipment
video tapes audio tapes CD's tape, hard, thumb flash and zip drives data backup systems
disk arrays SAN
mid-range and servers power conditioning/UPS systems cabinets, relay racks
Networking Equipment
hubs, cables, routers, switches, bridges
microwaves dehumidifiers air-conditioners vacuum cleaners metals- aluminum, steel, copper cameras
video games ipods, iphones, ipads
AC adapters memory motherboards network, sound and video cards CD/DVD drives
Healthcare Equipment
All non-biohazardous equipment: defibrillators EKG machines mobile carts/workstations patient monitors
currency and coin counters transaction drawers check encoders and scanners receipt printers
ATM machines
POS systems/registers barcode scanners receipt and barcode printers card readers
touch screen monitors


  1. will household batteries be accepted?

  2. I also would like to know about household batteries, as well as lithium batteries. Also will you accept an old coffee bean grinder? Thanks.

  3. Is there a charge per pound for ewaste at this event? Or is it free with a suggested donation to GRINCH?

  4. I am also interested in the answer to the battery questions.

  5. Did anyone answer the question about "Is there a charge per pound or is it free with a suggested donation?" Would like to know before i load up my car & bring the stuff. Thanks

  6. oddly, no questions have been answered about something so simple as 'battery's'. I also am wondering about flourecent lights. These things seem more of an concern for many households than the myriad of items listed above, yet they are not on the list, and numerous questions about them aren't answered. But bring anything that has informataion storage on it. No problem. Wonder who GRinCH is hot potatoe-ing this stuff to?

  7. I am so sorry that I did not answer these questions! But hopefully this will help for the next event. Almost everything is no cost. The manufacturer bears the cost of recycling in PA now. We did, however, need to charge for air conditioners and for more than 2#s of batteries.We accepted some light bulbs and there was a small fee for more than 3 or 4. We will be doing this event again in April! We had a suggested donation list. Most people gave $10-$20 which is fully tax deductible and supports GRinCH's projects in the neighborhood.