Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hillers want Big Belly Trash Compactors and Recycling!

Support Solar Compactors and Recycling in Chestnut Hill!
GReenINChestnutHill (GRinCH) has been working with the City of Philadelphia to bring 15 Big Belly Solar Trash Compactors and recycling units to Chestnut Hill. It was approved last month by the Land Use Planning Zoning committee (LUPZ) and now needs a majority vote from the Chestnut Hill Community Association. GRinCH did the footwork to take the pulse of the community by collecting over 250 signatures in the 19118 zip code supporting the Big Bellies. The Big Bellies also have the support of over 35
longstanding and prominent businesses on The Hill including Weavers Way, Kilian Hardware, The Chestnut Hill Cheese Shop, Night Kitchen, Bredenbecks, Valley Green Bank, and many others.
Now GRinCH needs Chestnut Hill residents to come to the CHCA board meeting at the Chestnut Hill Library, 7 p.m., Thursday June 23 to show community support!


  1. Great Job GRINCH! So happy to hear about your success. Cannot wait to see those cool looking Solar Powered Big Belly trashcans in Chestnut Hill.

  2. Having a big belly compactor in Chestnut Hill will surely be a great help in the community in maintaining a clean environment. I think everyone should support Grinch.

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