Friday, April 1, 2011

Accepted EWaste for Weird Waste Day

Here is a list of the EWaste that we will be taking at the next Weird Waste Day on Saturday April 16th!

Desktop Computing:
PCs including desktops, mini-towers, laptops and handhelds, notebooks, tablets, hard drives.
Healthcare Equipment:
All non-biohazardous equipment: defibrillators, EKG machines, mobile carts/workstations, patient monitors.
Currency counters, coin counters, transaction drawers, check encoders, check scanners, receipt printers, ATM machines.
POS systems/registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, barcode printers, card readers, touch screen monitors.
AC adapters, memory, motherboards, network, sound and video cards, CD/DVD drives.
Laserjet, deskjet, thermal, dot matrix, line printers, plotters, paper trays. (1 of 3) [3/23/2010 10:27:38 AM]
:: eForce Compliance :: Accepted ewaste services provided by eForce Compliance, serving the metro-Philadelphia area.
Keyboards, mice, power supplies, cables, speakers, external drives, etc.
Laptop carry cases, modems, software, cables, cabinets, office furniture, cameras, KVM switches, generators.
Audio/Video Equipment:
TVs and displays, VCR/DVD players, projectors, video and audio conferencing systems, Smart/electronic white boards.
CRTs, LCDs, WYSE terminals, etc.
Data Center Equipment:
Mainframes, mid-range and servers, Power Conditioning/UPS systems, cabinets, relay racks.
Office Equipment:
Copiers, scanners, fax machines, typewriters.
Mobile Devices:
Cellular phones, Blackberry/PDAs, pagers.
Telecom Equipment:
Telephones, switches, PBX, voice mail and VoIP systems, voice stations, headsets. (2 of 3) [3/23/2010 10:27:38 AM]
:: eForce Compliance :: Accepted ewaste services provided by eForce Compliance, serving the metro-Philadelphia area.
Storage Equipment:
SAN, tape drives, hard drives, zip drives, data backup systems, disk arrays, thumb/flash drives.
Networking Equipment:
Hubs, routers, switches, bridges.


  1. Which recycling company is accepting the e-waste? I live in Upper Dublin and would like to have a similar event in our township.

  2. The company we are using is called E-Force Compliance and they are located in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia.

  3. Hmmm...i hope they really are good. My son and husband went over there and saw how they handle the recycling in chestnut hill. He was surprised to see that they are chucking the computers into skips and letting them get rained on. He saw some things which could have easily been repurposed if they had been slightly more careful with how they collected. I know they say they a taking them apart themselves and not sending them overseas, but i am skeptical given how they are collecting them.

  4. Unfortunately it rained. It was a rain or shine event and tough to keep 9,000 #'s of electronic dry.
    I have toured the facility in Grays Ferry where they reuse/recycle/dismantle the electronics and they have a very impressive operation. Much of it is fixed and resold. The rest is dismantled.
    If you contact me I would be happy to have you join us on our next facility visit. Please email me at and be sure to leave your name and contact info.