Thursday, March 3, 2011


Chestnut Hill's 1st Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor was installed in front of the Night Kitchen Bakery today!! GRINCH worked with the BID (Business Improvement District) The Chestnut Hill Community and Business Associations to make this happen as well as the city's street's department.
The City of Philadelphia has 15 more Big Bellies that can be placed on The Hill for pedestrian recycling and trash. Chestnut Hill would be joining other communities around the city such as Society Hill, Rittenhouse Square and Mt Airy that already have them.
The solar technology compacts up to 80#'s of trash before sending a message to trash trucks indicating pick up is needed. This reduces the number of times that the hulking, gas guzzling trash trucks need to empty trash bins. Given that trash trucks are stinky, cause traffic jams and get 3 MPG, less of them on the road is win-win

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