Monday, December 6, 2010

TreeCycling Event!!

The Mt Airy Business Assoc. and GRINCH are holding a TreeCycling event on Sunday Jan. 9th from 1-4pm at Mt Airy and Chew Ave.
Residents can bring their naked Christmas tree to be mulched for $5!!
No landfill for these trees! They will be chipped for ground cover.


  1. I can throw it away for free, I need to bring it to you and pay $5, you need to work on this

  2. You can throw it away for free but it will be sent to the landfill. A major goal of environmentalists is to avoid methane producing landfills and gas guzzling polluting trash trucks.
    Also the $5 is a suggested donation.

  3. Hey there Amy. Do you need any volunteers to help? I might have a few hours available on Sunday.

    David Kinsey (RecycleBank)