Monday, May 17, 2010

Want new public green spaces?

Concerned citizen? Planning geek? SimCity fanatic? Now’s your chance to help shape the future of Philadelphia. In addition to rewriting the City’s ancient zoning code, Philadelphia is looking to overhaul the city plan between now and spring 2011. As part of PHILADELPHIA2035, the comprehensive plan that will guide the City's growth for the next 25 years, the Philadelphia City Planning Commission is hosting a series of public meetings to hear your vision of Philadelphia in 2035, so find a meeting near you and make your voice heard.

If 25 years seems too far out in the future, think about how the city’s landscape could change in a mere five years. Green2015 is a project led by the Department of Parks and Recreation in coordination with Greenworks Philadelphia and the Philadelphia City Planning Commission to shape the Mayor's action plan to create 500 new acres of public green space throughout the city. Attend one of the civic engagement meetings conducted by the Department’s nonprofit partners, PennPraxis, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and the Penn Project for Civic Engagement, and share why green space is important to you and your community.

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