Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who is ocean friendly?

LOCAL SUPERMARKET CHAINS HELP OR HURT THE OCEANS Wegmans is most ocean-friendly, Whole Foods is #3, Genuardi's #5, Superfresh #12 in Latest Greenpeace Sustainable Seafood Scorecard. Trader Joe's (#17) receives worst ranking of National Supermarket Chains: they “have made no visible effort to increase the sustainability of their seafood operations and continue to ignore scientific warnings about the crisis facing global fisheries and the marine environment” by stocking “red list” seafood like orange roughy, swordfish, or Chilean sea bass – some of the world's most critically imperiled species. None of the companies featured in the report guarantee that they won't sell seafood from fisheries that are harming sea turtles, dolphins, seals, sea lions, or other marine mammals.” Jillian Costigan (216) 789-7386

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  1. I haven't bought Trader Joes seafood for a year or so. Their quality has gone down, in my opinion, and most of it smells very peculiar when I open the package.
    Also, most of their (organic) frozen veggies come from China, which I find suspicious. When I asked the Mgr. about it he claimed that customers want inexpensive food, so that's where they get I don't buy that anymore as well.