Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Morris Arboretum

Check out all the natural beauty going on at Chestnut Hill's Morris Arboretum

So much has been going on today, the last day of Patrick Dougherty's residency at the Morris Arboretum. First thing's first - here is the finished sculpture, officially titled "The Summer Palace".

This sculpture is made entirely of natural materials! No nails or other hardware-just Mother Nature's sticks and twigs. It will remain standing till Mother Nature takes it down.

And plan to do some tree climbing this summer....

Opening on July 4th at the Morris Arboretum is a dramatic new exhibit called Tree Adventure, which explores the relationship between plants and people with its central theme, we need trees, and trees need us. Armed with a Passport to Adventure, visitors will travel the expanse of the Arboretum’s 92-acre garden to learn the critical role trees play in our environment while having fun engaging with trees. Designed by Metcalfe Architecture & Design, the exhibit will be a fully accessible, fascinating learning experience for both children and adults.

A Passport to Adventure will guide visitors to stations throughout the Morris Arboretum with interactive activities at each Passport location. The most iconic station is Out on a Limb, a 275-foot long Canopy Walk 40 feet above ground level where visitors will get a bird’s eye view of the forest. From the canopy walk, they’ll cross the swaying Suspension Bridge to the Bird’s Nest, scamper onto the Squirrel Scramble’s rope-netting skirting two towering trees, head to the top of the Wissahickon Vista platform for sweeping views and wander along the raised platform of the canopy walk.

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